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We are strategically positioned globally for supply and distribution of our products. Our policy is to understand what you want as our customer and work extremely hard to give you just that at a competitive price, good quality and on time. We have tried and tested network of accredited suppliers worldwide that helps us to respond to our customers’ needs and meet all their requirements in a timely, professional, and competitive manner. Our suppliers are environmentally compliant with the world standard accreditation organisation. They strictly adhere to an environmental Management System to ensure they maintain this standard, and they are all certified to ISO and R2 quality and process management.

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UK leading distributor of Refurbished Mobile and Storage Devices.

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Our Passion

Our passion is the satisfaction of our customer’s needs, so our business and operations are built and driven by this philosophy. With us, we will make buying mobile phone and Hard drives in bulk a hassle-free experience

Our Strategies

By leveraging our relationships with top suppliers, we can provide a reliable, consistent supply of pre-owned electronic devices at the most competitive prices—your satisfaction guaranteed.

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